Cusrom Smartfren Andromax C Feel Like Samsung Galaxy S5 Kitkat

Cusrom Smartfren Andromax C Feel Like Samsung Galaxy S5 Kitkat - Custom ROM KitKat Style Andromax C JB to turns Smartfren Andromax C display into the Galaxy S5 display, indeed taste every type of brand and quality clear to several different android phone specifications. so it could be said that manufacturers produce android smartphones with style and quality vary, for your strengths and weaknesses that feel themselves as android users.

For those of you who have Smartfren Andromax C (Jelly Bean) who want to zoom like the Samsung Galaxy S5, just use this Custom ROM. Indeed, in the smartphone itself is already there CWM (Mode recovey) factory default, but all are constrained to do some modifications such as installing a custom ROM, install root, etc. So here I will provide tips, tutorials and guides that Smartphone Andromax C JB (Jelly Bean) you can be in the root plus pairs of CWM. This way is very easy even without using a computer / pc or laptop, so it does not take long.

Cusrom Smartfren Andromax C

Custom ROM Smartfren Andromax C

Here are some steps that you should do so as the whole custom rom process can work perfectly. Follow the whole way cusrom Smartfren Andromax C without being missed.

ROOT and Install CWM in Smartfren Andromax C JB Without PC

  • How to Root Smartfren Andromax C JB
  • Install & Run App Framaroot and - select SuperUser / SuperSU (Select one)
  • You select the option of Gandalf in the bottom option, wait until there is a notice Success.
  • Then please restart / reboot your smartphone, and see there is a new app called superuser.
  • Congratulations, it's a sign Andromax C Jelly Bean you are already in a state of perfect Root.

Guide to install CWM Recovery in Smartfren Andromax C

  • Move Recovery.img in SD card, but not in a folder. Example: SDcard/Recovery.img.
  • Open the settings menu and then find developers and check USB Debugging option.
  • You will be prompted to enter a password, the password is "andromax" (without the quotes).
  • Then install, and run the Terminal Emulator
  • Furthermore Type "su" (without quotation marks) in the terminal emulator press enter (allow superuser)
  • Type dd if=/sdcard/recovery.img of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p13 bs=1024, then enter.
  • Type again "reboot recovery" (without quotation marks), and then enter.
  • Smartphone Andromax C JB you will restart and go into CWM Recovery.
  • Then, out of the way Reboot Now.
  • Now your Andromax C JB Smartphone already installed CWM

How to Cusrom Change Smartfren Andromax C Jelly Bean

Step 1
Download Cusrom Andromax C JB KitKat Style

Step 2
Put the files you have downloaded in the SD Card

Step 3
Sign into CWM Recovery mode

Step 4
If not in the Root & CWM, ROOT and Install CWM first.

Step 5
Then Backup NAndroid

Step 6
Then select Full wipe (data, cache, Dalvik)

Step 7
Select Install zip from sdcard

Step 8
Furthermore Select the Cusrom Smartfren Andromax C that has been copied.

Step 9
Last Reboot / Restart. Finish, good luck.

Download Cusrom Andromax C JB KitKat Style

Cusrom Andromax C JB

Cusrom Smartfren Andromax C Feature are given below

  • Statusbar Gradient KitKat Style
  • Touchwiz Launcher Rooted
  • Reflection style Recent App
  • Full Transparent Background
  • Setting Icon Samsung style
  • Overclocking Option
  • etc.

Cusrom Smartfren Andromax C Troubleshoot

  • Superuser Deny, and Apk not allowed: Replace with a new superuser, because I have not been updated. In playstore already available, you only need to instal it.
  • When the install process is complete, then I reboot, appears notification "Fastboot Downloading": Try turning off your smartphone and did wipe data wipe data factory and cache first, then reboot.
  • Where Nandroid Backup location : Go to recovery mode (CWM) - Press the Backup & Restore - Backup Press - wait for it to finish - Finish.
  • Why only appear logo : try to enter recovery and wipe data cache - wipe partition - Dalvik cache last restart


  • If the custom rom modification Android devices by this way, the warranty will be lost.
  • In the event of damage caused rather than follow the above methods incorrectly will result in an android device will experience an error and not the responsibility of the author.
  • Note the tutorial above steps properly so that the modification process runs perfectly. in order to avoid it or something unwanted errors.

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