Easy Root All Android KitKat without PC

Easy Root All Android KitKat without PC - How hard do the rooting Android Smartphone KitKat, especially if the rooting through the phone even though it uses some sort of rooting application or v-root framaroot sometimes does not work. But another application known as the Root of this Genius.

Application Root Genius (renamed: Shuame Root) is capable of performing the rooting of Android Kitkat version 4 and above with ease. Although in some specific types of smartphone fails, usually because the phone has not been recognized.

Easy Root All Android KitKat without PC

Easy Root All Android KitKat without PC

Step Rooting Android KitKat.

Step 1
Make sure USB debugging on your phone active. If you do not turn on the usb debugging first.

Step 2
Set also that your Android can install the application of it by clicking enable the unknown source.

Step 3
Install Root Genius applications that you can download below. If there is a warning unsafe applications, ignore and immediately install it.

Step 4
If completed, open the application Root Genius (Shuame root).

Step 5
Select the Root menu. And let Root process to completion.

Step 6
If the rooting process is successful, the phone will bother themselves. If not, you can bother me alone.

Download Root Genius applications

Root Genius

After your Android phone KitKat lit, check whether there are applications King user. If there is, we can be sure that your phone has root. If still not sure, install the application root checker.

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Because so many reports failed root, let me remind you again, so that the rooting process runs smoothly and Work 100%, you MUST turn on your internet connection. As an alternative if rooting fails, use the King Root (unlike Android Root Kingo [PC] or VROOT / i-ROOT).

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