Red Crucible Firestorm Cheats Mega Hack With Menu Trainer Update 9 May 2017

Release Cheat Red Crucible Firestorm With Menu Trainer Cheat Engine...!!!, now we are from Rhm-Files has been done do project Cheat Red Crucible Firestorm With Trainer Cheat Engine Undetect + Support All Server! this Cheat Free to download...

Feature Hack's :

    • Download Cheat Engine
    • Move Speed 10x
    • Show Nick Player
    • No Spread
    • No Recoil
    • Join All Full Team
    • Jump
    • No Cooldown - Item
    • Bulets No Collider
    • Aimbot
    • Ammo – Turn After Entering The Start

      Tutorial To Use Cheat :

        1. Download and Install Cheat Engine. (You must have Install Cheat Engine for Working of this Trainer)
        2. Log in to your Facebook account then Open Red Crucible Firestorm game. (do not click anything)
        3. Now, open Red Crucible Firestorm Trainer File, then click select process, select process in accordance with your browser (Ex : Plugin-Container for firefox or chrome.exe for google chrome)
        4. Next steps, Click on “Attach” and “Continue”.
        5. Enable the Hack by Clicking on “Enable” or “Enable All” Button. (Enable Unlimited Ammo Hack After Shooting Some Bullets)
        6. Enjoy the Hack and keep in touch for more updates.
        7. Here is the Video Tutorial for Better Understanding. (Watch in HD)
        8. Note:- Video tute for Red Crucible Firestorm and Red Crucible Reloaded is same

        Vidio Tutorial Use Cheat :


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